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A bodyguard has to be self-disciplined, polite, discrete and have a keen sense of observation and an ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Working alone of in a team, the bodyguard assumes responsibility for the security of :

  • Politicians
  • artists
  • journalists
  • ...

Bodyguards are professional, conscientious and composed. They have to possess an aptitude for remembering faces and be an expert in the entire spectrum of self defense. Basic language skills – a working vocabulary of English, French and even Arabic – are more and more taken for granted.

Bodyguard assignments can also be undertaken by women. In certain environments or entourages they can operate more discretely.

However, bodyguard will always be a high-risk profession. It is extremely important for a bodyguard to have to expertise to perform in a manner that will minimize those risks. Advanced Krav Maga Systems & Katal Défense Systems were created exactly with this in mind: the combination of self defense techniques and psychological insights allows future bodyguard to execute their missions in the most efficient way possible.

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